You can now pay your reunion fees online. 
  • Young children aged 0-5 are free
  • Children aged 6-12 are $30
  • Children and Adults aged 13-69 are $59.25
  • Seniors aged 70-79 are $30
  • 80 over are free
Any children of the eight (Alice, Silas, Christopher, Viola, Vanilla, Agnes, Clyde, Hettie) are free! Please choose the Elder ticket.

In order to have enough food, everyone attending needs a ticket even if there is no charge. Please register all children and elders attending.

*Please note that online prices include transaction fees charged by the credit card servicer. You can still pay your fees by check if you would prefer.

DEADLINE to pay all reunion fees is MAY 31st

Select Ticket

Select the number of people you will like to register. (Name fields will then appear)
Enter the first and last name(s) of the registrant(s) in the fields.
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Elder (80 and over)
Where:Raleigh, NC
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Young Child (age 0-5)
Where:Raleigh, NC
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