"How will our children know who they are if they do not know where they come from"
1) Where would be the ideal place to celebrate our reunion
Washington, DC
Greenville, NC
Dallas, TX
Orlando, FL
2) What would you like to add to the reunion?
Church Service
Family Choir Recording
Elder Generation Impartation
Family History & Stories

3) How often should we have family reunions
Every 2 years
Every year
Every other year
4) What do you think is the biggest problem facing families today
Lack of money
Healthcare cost
Lack of savings

5) What is the main reason you attend reunions
To travel and relax
Meeting new/old family members
To spectate
All the above
6) What is the main reason you DO NOT attend reunions
Fees are expensive
I have never missed a reunion
I never have time
Something else always come up
Too far
someone treated you wrong