1. Can I bring my pet(s)?
Yes you can but pets are not allowed in the hotel. There may be a family member who wouldn't mind if your beloved pet stay at their home. It is best to confirm with family first before you bring them. Please keep all pets on a leach.
2. Can I get my money back if I decide not to attend or have an unexpected event to occur?
Unfortunately no. Money is non-refundable. When reunion fees are sent in, they are used to pay for food, conference rooms, etc......

3. I want to come to the reunion but my money is funny and my change is strange. Is there any help?
Right now the family does not have an emergency fund for this issue. However, you may need to get with the person(s) hosting the reunion for the year, to see if you all can come up with something reasonable. Please don't be afraid to ask.
4. Can I bring a guest(s)?

Yes. Please remember that guest must also pay the same price required for family members.
5. How often do we have family reunions?
Our reunions are held every year, often a weekend in July. Any changes made to that date will be discussed at our family meetings.
6. How will I know about the next family reunion?
You can find all the information about our reunions on this website, Facebook and at our family meetings.
7.  Why did I not receive a family reunion letter from the reunion committe?
It was decided at a previous meeting that sending letters out to every family member was wasteful and very costly. We now have represenatives from each state to get the word out to the people in their state. Only represenatives will receive a letter.